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Why Routine Condition Monitoring is Not Just Smart Maintenance – It’s Smart Business

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

In a typical industrial operation, the efficiency and longevity of industrial rotating equipment is often a significant driver of plant costs. When a centrifuge or generator goes down, it can take an entire operation down with it.

Routine monitoring of the condition of rotating equipment is not just smart maintenance—it’s smart business.

Plant Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring is not a new idea. Workers on the front line of industrial operations have always used their eyes, ears, and hands to detect problems with their equipment however, often by the time an issue is apparent to the human senses, significant damage has already occurred to the equipment. Today’s technology allows for earlier and far more accurate detection of even subtle variances, allowing for predictive rather than reactive maintenance.

Sophisticated monitoring techniques allow for real-time detection of subtle variations in the way a rotating machine is working. Every machine creates predictable oscillating vibration patterns. When a part begins to fail or a miscalibration arises, the vibration patterns change in distinct ways depending on the nature of the failure.

A loose mounting bolt, misaligned shaft, or failing bearing will each produce characteristic signs that the vibration analysis equipment will detect and pass back to managers, who can direct their maintenance work at the specific source of the problem.

Advantages of Condition Monitoring

The advantages of the preventative maintenance approach cannot be overstated; keeping rotating machinery in tip-top shape is a complex job. When a single component goes out of calibration or begins to fail, the forces involved can rapidly pass to other components, leading to additional failures. Catching and addressing a problem before the cascade of damage begins can dramatically reduce downtime and repair cost. Early detection also provides a longer time-frame during which the intervention can be carried out so repairs can be budgeted, planned and carried out in a calm manner.

Trust IndustriTech with Your Condition Monitoring

At IndustriTech, we are passionate about improving the operating results of our clients. Our range of technical services includes product selection, rotor balancing, expert installation, laser shaft alignment, condition monitoring, and training for a wide range of rotating equipment. To find out more about how IndustriTech can save your business money, contact us on 07 4972 2015 or email

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