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Terminal Vertical Turbine Fire Pump Repair


Import / Export Terminal


An Import / Export Terminal vertical turbine fire pump, driven by hydraulic motor, seized during routine testing. This pump was approximately six years old when it failed which, is much earlier than expected.


  • Pump was contaminated heavily with marine growth and silt.

  • Aluminium - Bronze wear rings (fitted to Duplex SS casings) have corroded badly and eventually come loose and gripped onto the impellers.

  • Carbon bearings were worn from contaminants.

  • Impellers were seized onto the turbine shaft. The shaft needed to be cut and bored out of the impellers.

  • Long lead times on some OEM supplied parts.


  • Pump was fitted with new FLUON wear ring material which is a carbon/PTFE composite and not prone to corrosion like the Aluminium-Bronze.

  • Thordon SXL journal bearings were fitted to improve wear life.

  • New shaft and shaft couplings made in house from Duplex SS.

  • Mechanical seal and thrust pot assembly repaired in-house

  • Pump was returned to service within 6 weeks from removal from service due to a combination of local manufacturing and prompt receipt of OEM parts.

  • Pump was re-installed and commissioned by IndustriTech field technicians.

  • Performance of pump was back to OEM specifications and statutory testing by third party was satisfied.

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