Energy Efficient Pumps

Updated: Jan 10

Energy consumption is now becoming an increasingly important cost factor in the life cycle cost calculation for many companies. High energy efficiency is therefore a particularly strong argument in favour of using positive displacement pumps, especially electric diaphragm pumps.

Positive displacement pumps vs. centrifugal pumps

The efficiency advantage of a positive displacement pump is primarily explained by its non-return flow and closed design. The efficiency of a multi-acting ABEL displacement pump is usually >80% regardless of the operating point. Centrifugal pumps, on the other hand, achieve an efficiency between 20% and 80%, depending on how well or how poorly they reach the desired operating point.

The reason for the poorer performance, besides the non-backflow-free centrifugal pump design, is in practice many centrifugal pumps are oversized or incorrectly planned, because the best efficiency point (BEP) is often difficult to achieve without the use of frequency converters. It is better to accept higher energy consumption rather than have the centrifugal pump fail to fulfil its task in the event of a deviation from the BEP. In the case of energy-saving positive displacement pumps such as the electric diaphragm pumps, this BEP deviation problem does not exist due to the design.

Electric diaphragm pumps from ABEL therefore require half as much electrical energy compared with centrifugal pumps: firstly, because they are generally more efficient due to their design, and secondly, because they do not depend on having to hit a BEP in order to work efficiently.

ABEL EM vs. compressed air diaphragm pump

The energy saving cost advantage in comparison to air diaphragm pumps is due to the fact that expensive compressed air is required to drive them. At first glance, choosing a compressed air diaphragm pump is tempting because the acquisition costs are significantly lower than an electric diaphragm pump from ABEL. However, after a year of operation, the cost balance looks completely different. The significantly lower power consumption of an ABEL diaphragm pump compensates for its higher purchase price in a short time.

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