Challenging Mechanical Seal Installations Made Easy

Updated: Jan 18

Flex-A-Seal's Style 85 Split Cartridge Seal is a world first, two-piece split cartridge mechanical seal designed specifically to reduce downtime for challenging and time-consuming installations.

The Style 85 is the first fully split cartridge mechanical seal with only two cartridge halves that need to be handled. You can see how easy it is to install and get a glimpse of the manufacturing process by watching this video.

Alumina Refinery seawater intake pump

The Problem:

Applications such as this Alumina Refinery’s seawater intake pumps have an awkward stuffing box location requiring technicians to lie on their stomachs to install / change out the mechanical seal. Other mechanical seal brands have multiple components and complex installation requirements that make it difficult to install in the working position.

  • RPM 1450

  • Discharge Pressure 10bar

  • Shaft size:75mm

Flex-A-Seal Style 85 Split Cartridge Seal

The Solution:

The Flex A Seal Style 85 split cartridge seal. This two-piece seal made the job easy for the technicians to handle and reduced installation time by half. The technicians were extremely satisfied with the ease of installation.

This seal has been in and working in this application for 12 months with no leaks or issues.

Why the Flex-A-Seal Style 85 Split Cartridge is Unique?

  • The easiest installation of any split cartridge mechanical seal in the world: Simply attach two halves over the shaft and mount the pump like any other cartridge seal.

  • Only split cartridge mechanical seal where just two pieces are handled: No handling of lapped faces as both are secured safely in cartridge halves. Faces can’t be cocked, chipped or scarred.

  • Only split cartridge mechanical seal in which the impeller can be adjusted without removing the seal: Simply reinstall setting clips, release set screws and adjust impeller position then re-tighten set screws and remove the clips.

  • The only split cartridge mechanical seal fully assembled and pressure tested at the factory: Ensuring the sealing integrity of each Style 85 before it is sent to the field. This process gives your installation an even higher success rate.

  • No measurements, no shims, no special tools, no glue: Standard cartridge setting clips assures proper axial and radial alignment and makes installation even easier.

Flex-A-Seal products are designed and engineered in the USA and are the right choice for sealing integrity, superior performance, and easy installation.

­­­­IndustriTech is the Australian distributor for Flex-A-Seal, a leading U.S. manufacturer of custom engineered mechanical seals, welded metal bellows and the two-piece split cartridge seal.

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