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Bitumen Plant Hot Oil Pump Overhaul


NDE Bearing Damage
NDE Bearing Damage

Bitumen Plant


API 610 Hot Oil pump from bitumen processing facility was removed from service because of an unusual noise coming from the bearing housing. The spare pump had been sitting stationary for some time due to an electrical issue. On start up of the spare pump there was a slight leak from the mechanical seal.


Shaft Damaged at NDE Bearing
Shaft Damaged at NDE Bearing
  • The spare pump was now leaking therefore a quick turn around was required on the recently failed pump.

  • The NDE bearing had catastrophically failed and also damaged the bearing housing, shaft, bearing end cap / labyrinth retainer.

  • The impeller had been contacting the casing wear ring therefore a new impeller wear ring was required.

  • Pump is an obsolete model so no drawings or off-the-shelf spares available.


  • A new shaft was manufactured in 4140.

  • The bearing housing was re-sleeved and a new labyrinth retainer fixed to the bearing housing.

  • New impeller wear ring machined from cast iron and impeller balanced to G2.5.

  • Casing and stuffing box gasket faces were skimmed to remove imperfections.


  • Pump was returned to site and installed in 3 working days from receipt of the failed pump.

  • IndustriTech performed cold and hot alignments as well as base line vibration measurement.

  • The end user was able to continue processing with no down time.

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