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Selecting the right product for each unique application is critical for maximising equipment reliability and system performance, reducing energy consumption and improving the safety and environmental impacts of your operations.


IndustriTech can assist you in accurately identifying the best solution to optimise your plant's performance as well as supply a wide range of industrial pumps and compressors, mechanical seals, supply systems, electric motors, industrial drives and other industrial process equipment.


No matter what product line you are interested in, you can rely on IndustriTech's quality, reliability and technical support.

Diaphragm Pumps Australia

Self-priming pumps can run dry without damage and are capable of deadheading against a closed discharge, eliminating the need for bypass or pressure relief valves. Seal-less design and corrosion-resistant materials make the pump ideal for solids handling and high-suction lift applications such as transferring antifreeze, ATF, light viscosity petroleum and synthetic-based oil and waste oils.

Internal Gear Pumps

Bitumen transfer and injection

Lube oil pumps

Oil transfer

Viscous media transfer pumps

​Sludge handling and transfer

Municipal and Industrial effluent

Shear sensitive processes

Mine Dewatering

Chemical dosing

Produced water booster pumps in CSG 

​​Rotary, positive displacement compressors

Flows from 3 to 3,500 MSCFD
(3.5 to 3,850 Nm³/hr)

Inlet to 28″ Hg vacuum
(5kPa absolute)

Discharge pressure to 150 PSIG (10.2 bar gauge)

One and Two-stage arrangements

Sour, acid and wet gas service

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