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Sealing Technology




IndustriTech are a reseller for Flexaseal Engineered Seals and Systems, designed, engineered and manufactured in the
United States. 

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Flexaseal is a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered mechanical seals, edge welded metal bellows and the world’s first two-piece split cartridge mechanical seal. Flexaseal also offers a full line of OEM replacement mechanical seals for a wide range of rotating equipment, including pumps, mixers, agitators, and compressors. For 40 years, Flexaseal have been committed to designing and manufacturing sealing products and accessories of the highest quality.


​A self-contained unit consisting of a single seal assembly, mating ring, gland, sleeve, etc., which is pre-assembled and preset by the manufacturer prior to installation. A superior upgrade to component seals in both time saved and installation errors avoided.

​A self contained unit consisting two mechanical seals in a seal chamber in any combination which can utilise a pressurised barrier fluid or a non pressurised buffer fluid. These seal arrangements are a superior upgrade to a single cartridge when it is imperative the media does not leak to atmosphere.

API 682 (ISO 21049) is the leading reference for mechanical seals in petrochemical, chemical, and pipeline services worldwide. It has combined the aspects of seal design, testing, standardisation and applications to provide both end users and OEMs with a common source of information for mechancial seals.

​FHDS requires a mechanical seal adapter to replace the stuffing box. Rework the existing stuffing box by removing the throat. It may also require machining the shaft sleeve down or removing it to provide enough clearance for the rotating portion of the seal.

​Metal Bellows seals are commonly used in applications where the o-ring cannot withstand the temperature of the fluid in the pump. E.g. a bitumen pump where heating oil is used to bring the bitumen temperature to >250°c.

We offer a complete line of welded metal bellows seals for standard and high temp applications.

​Single cartridge rotating or stationary high temperature welded metal bellows design, no dynamic elastomers, even 360 face loading, confined gasket, flush, quench and drain, steam deflector available.

​The Flex-A-Seal fully split cartridge seal is the only split seal in the world that requires just two pieces to be handled for installation. Both sealing faces are secured in the cartridge halves and cannot be cocked, chipped or scarred. It is the only split seal on the market completely assembled and pressure tested before it is shipped to you.

Agitators can be mounted at the top, side or bottom of a vessel and all types have different characteristics and sealing requirements. IndustriTech can supply mechanical seals to cover all agitator and mixer applications.

Most double and even some single mechanical seals require the use of a suitable buffer fluid supply system. The supply system is used to fill the mechanical seal between the product and atmospheric faces to ensure the seal remains cool and lubricated. IndustriTech can supply and install the right Seal Supply System for your requirements.

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