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IndustriTech supplies a multitude of centrifugal pumps from world renowned manufacturers. As an independent, we can recommend the best solution for your application and budget. 

Not sure what you need? Ask us about it! We provide technical assistance to businesses and end users Australia wide.

Multi Stage Pumps Australia
  • ​Ring Section and Split Case

  • Boiler feed duties in industrial power applications

  • Condensate service in power stations and industrial plants

  • Feed pumps in desalination by reverse osmosis

  • High-pressure water in general industry

  • Dewatering in underground mines

End Suction Pumps Australia
  • ​ISO2858/5199

  • ANSI B73.1

  • API 610

  • Mag Drive

  • Heat Transfer

Horizontal Split Case Pumps Australia

​Single stage, double suction, split case pumps for larger flows in water supply, irrigation, mining, fire fighting, dewatering and industrial applications.

Submersible pumps australia
  • ​Semi vortex pumps

  • Sewage pumps

  • Sump pumps

  • Domestic sump pumps

Vertical Turbine Pumps Australia
  • ​Cooling water circulation in power stations

  • Water and irrigation supply

  • Offshore/Onshore fire and service water

  • Condensate extraction in power stations and alumina refineries

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