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IndustriTech is the Australian distributor for ABEL Pumps.

ABEL specialise in reciprocating positive displacement pumps for the transfer of difficult sludges, slurries, solids and a variety of aggressive, abrasive and viscous fluids.


ABEL pumps are dry running, seal-less and highly efficient units that offer low lifetime operating costs, low maintenance costs and low energy costs.

All ABEL pumps are fully customised to meet individual operating conditions and application requirements set by the client. 

The product range consists of a variety of heavy-duty hydraulically and mechanically driven piston and membrane pumps that cover a wide range of demanding solids transfer and process applications.


ABEL pumps can be found operating in some of the most severe roles in industries such as municipal and industrial wastewater, chemical and petrochemical, mining and ceramics, food and beverage, power and marine.

ABEL Electric Diaphragm Pump

Performance range: up to 120 m³/h (530 GPM);
up to 0.8 MPa (120 psi)

The ABEL EM Metal is available in three designs: nodular cast iron (SG), stainless steel (ED) or aluminium (AL).

This robust, compact pump is advantageous in applications that require low pressure. 

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Performance range: up to 20 m³/h (90 GPM);
up to 0.8 MPa (120 psi)

In the chemical industry agressive media require the use of high-quality plastics such as polypropylenes (PP) or PVDF (PV), as well as explosion proof motors. 


Performance range: up to 215 m³/h (950 GPM);
up to 6.4 MPa (930 psi)

ABEL CM piston membrane pumps are single or double-action specialised pumps used for difficult media. They are highly resistant to wear, even when used at high pressures over an extended period of time.  


Performance range: up to 100 m³/h (450 GPM); up to 10.0 MPa (1,450 psi) for metal and up to 1.6 MPa (225 psi) for plastic design

Developed for operations with increased flow rates combined with high operating pressures. Available as single or double-acting models and equipped with pre-formed membranes. Applications include: slurry transfer, filter press feed, and reactor feed.

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Performance range: up to 800 m³/h (3522 GPM); up to 16.0 MPa (2300 psi)

With a unique compact, space-saving design, the HMQ (Quadruplex) efficiently handles large volumes of abrasive materials under high pressure conditions. Areas of application include: slurry or ash transfer, filter press feed, autoclave and reactor feed, mine dewatering. 


Performance range: up to 600 m³/h (2640 GPM); up to 25.0 MPa (3625 psi)

This simple operating, slow-running Triple Piston Membrane Pump operates safely, even when dry, and can be used in conditions where flow rates reach 600 m³/h. The HMT range are equipped with API cone valves and are available for reverse flow for non-stable sedimentary slurries.

ABEL SH Solids Handling Pumps

Performance range: up to 103 m³/h (450 GPM); up to 16.0 MPa (2300 psi)

  • for the transfer of dewatered sludge or filter cakes 

  • feeding incinerators for dehydrated and pre-dried sludge, hazardous waste, chemical residues, and solvents

  • in mining, for refilling and transporting paste-like mine slurry

ABEL HP/HPT High Pressure Pumps

Performance range: up to 25 m³/h and 16.0 MPa (2300psi)


  • Cleaning filter cloths, containers, and pipes.

  • Feeding gas washers and gas dryers, reverse osmosis systems, reactors, high pressure injection on gas and oil fields 

ABEL HPT High Pressure Plunger Pumps

Performance range: up to 80 m³/h (350 GPM); up to 25.0 MPa (3625psi)

Designed for rigorous use over a long period of time for quite varied media, such as salt water, acids, margarine, chemicals, and lightly contaminated fluids.